"I love how quickly the landlord fixes things here!"

See if the residents are happy before you move in.

Grade Your Property

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You shouldn't have to gamble with your lifestyle.

The selection of your new home deserves more than a stroll and a sales pitch. Move forward with confidence and peace of mind by screening for properties with a history of satisfied residents.

We are performance reviews for properties, powered by residents.

Your home should delight you. Our mission is to make sure that happens.

Calvin Renter

"I avoided a year-long lease at a place with broken elevators and thin walls, and found a place where the residents were happy."

Rosa Real Estate Agent

"It's kind of like CarFax but for homes. Residential grades can be the difference between a sale and a pass - and if it results in a pass, I've earned my client's trust."

Will Property Manager

"This makes it easier for me to prioritize, measure, and reward our team's efforts. It keeps us honest with ourselves. And it shows our residents that we care."

Sue Investor

"Knowing that my new property has been cared for is so nice. And now I get to show off my property's grades to prospective tenants as part of my marketing collateral."

Your trust is worth investing in.

We work with the United States Postal Service to ensure that only verified residents are grading properties they live in.

Residents Only

Property grades can only be provided by residents who have received an invitation code via stamped, certified mail. We use direct mail to ensure that feedback is legitimate and representative of how actual residents feel.

Anonymous Feedback

Property grades are anonymized and combined into one report card per property. Users can only see the number of residents who have provided feedback; they can't see who has provided feedback.

Radical Transparency

We're in the business of transparency and fully embrace it ourselves. You can see everything from our cash flow and future plans to web analytics and daily logs. You can even monitor the robots that drive our automation.

Resident feedback powers our business.

Resident feedback is the lifeblood of our business and we hope to offer a fair exchange of value. Here's how it works:

Here's our pitch to current residents: You provide valuable insider's insight; we aggregate and standardize that insight and then give it to your property's management for free. Ideally, they use this insight to inform their decision-making and improve your living space so that their residents are happy, and so that more people want to live there.

Here's our pitch to prospective residents: We give you whatever data we've captured for free. If the property you're looking at doesn't have many resident grades and you're willing to pay for peace of mind, we can invite residents to take our survey on your behalf. You pay $1 per postcard.

We then reinvest our revenue towards the development of other transparency projects like EmployerGrades. We lay our financials and priorities out in the open so you can be sure that we're honoring our mission to improve the world by through the effective use of transparency.

Grade Your Property